Quiet, efficient and comfortable.
This innovative vehicle is ready for the future, both for the private as well as the business market!



The Green-W step is suitable for both business customers as well as individuals. It is ideal as a safe, practical and dependable transportation for people and small packages or ordersin your business. Typical applications are:

● delivery service ● logistics
● recreational parks ● yacht clubs
● golf courses ● camp sites
● commuting purposes ● factory sites
● port areas  



  • Maximum range 50 km
  • Maximum speed 25 km/u (limited)
  • Waterproof Lithium-Ion battery
  • Up to 1500 charges = 120.000 km
  • Traction control
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Optional: duo-seat of delivery box or golf bag holder
  • Low beam, high beam, brake light and horn
  • RDW, CE and TÜV approved
  • Debossed, unique chassis number
  • Easily replaceable battery for continuity
  • Double standard for stable Parking
  • Steering column lock
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


Model Green-W
Warranty 1 year
Battery 60V 12Ah Lithium
Charging time 4 hours
Power 800 watts
Dimensions 1759x750x700mm
Tyres 2
Tyre size 18 x 9,5 inch
Weight 51 kg
Operational temperature -20 tot +40 C
Certification CE, TÜV

Price and leasing

Price 1.995,- excl. VAT
Financial lease € 50,- per month excl. VAT
Duration 36 months (Business only)

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These pictures below give a perfect impression of what is possible with the Green-W scooter.

Green-W's story

"Electric mobility is rapidly developing. Most delivery scooters used in the hospitality industry are not only dangerous but they are also polluting. Green-W is the answer."

About us

A changing society brings changes in mobility. Electric mobility is developing and many delivery-scooters used in the hospitality-industy are not only dangerous but polluting as well. Green-W is your answer. Secure wide tires, a maximum speed of 25 km/hour, possibility to read out your travel history and of course electrically powered. This is a golden formula for success. Nowadays Corporate Social Responsibility is a must and it becomes economically justified by choosing the Green-W scooter.

Our company

Green-W B.V. was founded in 2016 by three partners with an extensive experience as entrepreneurs. They see the Green-W scooter as as a product that can solve many mobility problems. Operational safety and reliability are extremely important and this is reflected by a 1-year warranty on the Green W scooter.


Are there subsidies for the purchase of a Green-W ?

There are tax benefits and subsidies for businesses that purchase electric scooter's with lithium batteries. With the MIA legislation you can deduct 36% of the investment costs for an environmentally friendly investment from your taxable profit. Both amounts are in addition to normal depreciation of the these assets. The VAMIL legislation makes it possible to determine in a flexible way what is the right moment to depreciate an asset. This will give you benefits on liquidity and/or interest.

How much does it cost to recharge the scooter's battery?

The drive of the electrical scooter is very effective because the electro motor is directly connected to the rear wheel. The electric scooter is very cheap in use and consumption is low. A full charge of the battery will cost you about 20 to 40 Eurocent.

Is it required to wear a helmet?

Drivers and passengers on the Green-W scooters which don't go faster than 25 km/h, are not required to wear a helmet.

How long does does one charge take?

The lithium battery is a more expensive battery than a lead-acid battery (4 times more expensive), but it lasts much longer. The lithium batteries in your electric scooter will probably never have to be replaced during the lifecycle of your scooter. The lithium battery also has the advantage of being much lighter than lead-acid batteries. The lithium battery performs better when it is cold. A lead-acid battery is 30% less efficient at sub-zero temperatures. Most batteries charge quickly. Most of the electric scooters can charge up to 80% in 3 to 4 hours. For specific features, please refer to the specifications or instructions of your electric scooter.

Does the scooter make much noise?

Electric scooters are nearly soundless, because they use a brushless hub motor. You can drive the scooter quietly in nature and it will hardly make any noise in the city.

Do I have to take out an insurance?

Yes, for driving the electric scooter it is mandatory to take out an insurance. driving it on the public road.

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